Meet the team behind Octabis

Traditionally innovative.

Why Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is where it all started, so it felt important to honour the original and by far the most trusted crypto coin out in the market. BTC is also the most widely supported and stable crypto currency by businesses, banking and investment institutions and commercial entities.


As you may guess, the crypto project requires at least four components to be successful

both for its authors and its clients

These are the four keystones of Octabis — professionally governed by our four key players.

And despite the fact that you couldn’t really be graduated as a Bitcoin entrepreneur… well, we made our best shots in our past professional lives — to deliver an impeccably professional product. The product for you to enjoy and rest assured of its practical viability, not just a nicely packed crypto hype.

Maxim Saveljev
CEO, Founder
Digital finance. Social communication. Managerial acumen. Successful execution of business projects and charismatic team leader competence.
Bogdan Nikkar
COO, Founder
Multi-faceted and global career, proven track of competence and astuteness in managing IT projects of all levels of complexity and magnitude.
Dmitry Saveljev
CTO, Founder
Every aspect of information technologies in the financial world for the past 20+ years is his domain where things happen his way.
Eugene Semjonov
Head of Legal, Founder
A sharp-witted lawyer with particular experience in banking and finance — and particular knowledge of the latest trends in crypto regulation.