We believe in the future of crypto

Octabis is a crypto lending platform offering low-interest instant Bitcoin loans.

Invest in your future while earning money

We believe

that the future of finance lies in a strong link between traditional practices and blockchain solutions. Decentralized banking is at the core of how we are going to view finance in the next couple of years.

Our goal

is to help you reap the benefits of cryptocurrency while the markets are still dominated by traditional fiat. This is why we created Octabis to offer a crypto lending service where you can borrow cash with Bitcoin collateral while keeping the value and earning profits.

Be a part of the inevitable rise of fintech

Since cryptocurrencies first appeared in 2009, we have followed closely how it has evolved into being a substantial player in the world today.

Large, influential enterprises have opted in and accepted Bitcoins as a legitimate asset for exchange. Banking institutions are taking on crypto operations to keep up with the times.

Decentralized banking is here to stay and take a substantial role in how we view money transactions whether it be investing, borrowing, lending or exchanging.

Why borrow with Octabis?


Your BTC is safe

Our technology is backed by Coinbase, the world-leading blockchain tech provider.


Instant loans without credit checks

No need for signing documents or doing extensive credit history checks — everything happens instantly and digitally.


More than 20 years of experience

Our team consists of professionals that have been working in finance — digital and traditional banking, for more than two decades.


Low-interest rates

Our monthly interest rate is as low as 1%, and we pride ourselves with one of the most attractive rates out of all the other cryptocurrency lending platforms on the market.

Why Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is where it all started, so it felt important to honour the original and by far the most trusted crypto coin out in the market. BTC is also the most widely supported and stable crypto currency by businesses, banking and investment institutions and commercial entities.


What do we stand for?

Our mission

We at Octabis are determined to help people get the most out of their crypto assets while traditional fiat currencies are still dominant players in today's financial markets. We do this by providing people with an easy-to-use, fast, secure and technologically advanced blockchain crypto lending service.

Our vision

The future is fintech and cryptocurrency is in the driver's seat. From our legal framework to the technological solutions we provide for crypto loans — we are ready to meet digital changes that the future will bring for finance.

Our values

Octabis core values stem from the goal to give everyone a chance to grow their crypto assets. Our service honours complete transparency, security and a constant determination for innovation.


Banking should be accessible to everyone

Crypto is an asset that holds the possibility to be accessed by anyone. The beauty of this translates to our Bitcoin lending service — we believe that everyone should be able to secure their future crypto assets while still having fiat to invest or spend on day-to-day needs.


Located at the heart of Baltics

We have chosen Riga, Latvia as our base-camp for Octabis.
Situated at the heart of the Baltics, Riga is rapidly becoming the next fintech capital of Europe, attracting countless new startups and digital enterprises to expand their roots in European markets.


Fully regulated

We hold the security and privacy of our customers in very high regard, that's why our legal framework not only abides the existing European Union regulations that are applicable to crypto lending but we are also prepared for legislations to come when crypto currencies will be fully regulated by national governing bodies.

Partnership options

Octabis is always open to new ventures.

Our service remains the same — crypto backed loans, but integrated or fully adapted by your business.

Reach out to us and let's work together to bridge the gap between traditional finance and new age blockchain technology.

We offer two types of partnerships:

Collaboration on your website or app with our ready-to-use solutions to expand and diversify your services
Full integration of our services with everything you need to start a crypto-lending service from scratch

Stay in the loop of all things crypto

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